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Bespoke Holidays

Bespoke Holidays - Tailor-made travel for individuals

This tailor-made brochure includes suggested itineraries (with prices) which provide an idea of what you may expect from the various countries covered. These itineraries are meant as a guide only, and are usually customised to suit your own needs and interests.

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Group Tours 2012

Group Journeys - Escorted Small Group Holidays 2014

This brochure features our Classic and Discovery Journeys (formerly 2 separate brochures). Classic Journeys stay in excellent accommodation and travel in private transport, Discovery Journeys travel on a mix of private and public transport and stay in guesthouses and medium class hotels. Our wide range of itineraries are all fully escorted and cover the highlights of Central and South America.

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Family Latin America

Family Journeys

This brochure aims to show you a few of the many exciting holidays we can organise for you and your family. Choose between one of our group tours, with fixed dates and itineraries, where you travel with other families or adults, or our tailor-made suggestions.

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Antarctica Holidays Brochure

Antarctica brochure

This Antarctica brochure includes detailed information to help you plan your trip. Find out when you should travel to Antarctica, what the weather will be like and what you will see as the season unfolds. The brochure also includes a variety of expeditionary routes with maps and up-to-date information on the vessels.

We’re sorry you cannot order a hard copy of the Antarctica brochure online but please do call us on T. 020 8747 8315 or email:

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Journey Latin America's customer magazine has recently found a new home - online. Visit for the latest articles, events, recipes and advice on all aspects of travel in South and Central America.

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