Visit Venezuela and you will discover some of Latin America’s most alluring natural treasures, in general totally unspoilt, and it's an excellent all-round holiday destination.

Venezuela has much to offer those who enjoy the great outdoors and active adventure and is a great family destination We can help you make the best of these opportunities. 

There are sublime landscapes - the high Andean peaks around Mérida; the steamy rainforest on the banks of the great Amazon and Orinoco rivers; the vast Gran Sabana peppered with its dramatic table-top mountains (tepuis) - we can guide you climb one!

There are long stretches of palm-fringed Caribbean beaches along the mainland coast and Venezuela’s Caribbean islands, including Margarita and the coral reef islands of Los Roques.

View wildlife in the wetlands of the Llanos – there are capybara, anaconda, caiman, anteater and an incredible variety of bird life. We have chosen a few of the best cattle ranches where you can enjoy a relaxing stay, such as Hato Cedral.

The tranquil Orinoco Delta offers rewarding bird-watching by canoe and an insight into the indigenous Warao ‘boat people’ who reside on the riverbanks. The Orinoco Delta Lodge is one of our favourite bases here. 

We offer a comprehensive range of tailor-made holidays to Venezuela


For various historical socio-economic reasons Venezuela has for decades neglected its tourist sector and has only a basic understanding of contemporary standards of accommodation and service.  In many places the local people and staff are friendly and welcoming, in others less preoccupied with visitors’ well-being. English is not always widely spoken, standards of security, cleanliness or attention to detail are not always excellent, especially in state-owned establishments. 

There is much to be enjoyed on a holiday to Venezuela: go with an open mind and willingness to accommodate minor inconvenience and you should have a wonderful time. Several of our staff know the country well; do not hesitate to consult them while you are planning your journey.


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